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Get Involved with Fashion Council

An all-volunteer organization, the FIDM Museum Fashion Council is always seeking new members who are passionate about fashion, fashion history, and the FIDM Museum.

Fashion Council plans and hosts 4–6 events per year, including lectures, exhibition tours, and gala fundraisers. Monthly meetings and tri-annual e-newsletters keep membership connected and informed.

Each Fashion Council member brings a talent or professional experience that contributes to the success of planned events. Working closely with FIDM Museum staff, Fashion Council Chair Mima Ransom provides leadership and oversight of the Council. All members belong to the General Committee and can also choose to participate in one or more sub-committee. Each sub-committee is focused on a specific aspect of Fashion Council’s mission and contributes invaluable expertise.

For more information on how you can get involved with the FIDM Museum Fashion Council, please contact Chair Mima Ransom: or 949.244.7977.

Founding Chair

Mima Ransom


Dale Ransom

Community Outreach & Development

Mona Lee Nesseth & Deborah Veady

Community Programs

Linda Plochocki


Dorothy Metcalfe

Events & Volunteers Committee

Linda Knoth & Cheryl Iannello


Jim Nemmert

Student & Alumni Outreach

Bill Cliatt