Event: Gatsby’s Women: Fashionable Ideals of the 1920s

Save the date for a fascinating lecture by FIDM Museum’s Associate Curator Christina Johnson. Attendees will have the opportunity to view the exhibition Gatsby’s Women: 1920s Evening Dress from The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection, now on view in the FIDM Gallery Orange County.

Gatsby's Women: Fashionable Ideals of the 1920s

August 10, 2013
FIDM Gallery Orange County
17590 Gillette Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614-5610
$35 Purchase tickets at the door. Check or cash only. You can also purchase advance tickets via the FIDM Museum Shop.

New opportunities and roles warranted new appearances. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, published in 1925, reflects a time of dramatic feminine transformation. This lecture will provide an overview of Jazz Age fashion, and describe how the fictional characters in Fitzgerald’s best-selling novel represent the decade’s new, fashionable ideals; perfectly illustrated by the embroidered 1920s evening dresses from The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection on exhibit in the FIDM Orange County Gallery.

All proceeds benefit the FIDM Museum Fashion Council and their planned acquisition of The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection.

Gatsby's Women

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