We hope you’ve had a chance to visit our Graceful Gift fan exhibition, learn about the unique objects on display, and hear directly from our donor and fan collector Mona Lee Nesseth. Now, there’s even more to see when you visit our galleries: we are excited to announce the temporary installation SHAPED: Case Studies in Communication, Ventilation & Construction. In coordination with A Graceful Gift, students in FIDM's Advanced Practice in Color, Design & 3D Form class researched and created conceptual interpretations of the fan and its many functions. Each piece is accompanied by a text panel written by the student, explaining the process behind their artwork.

The gallery contains photography, 3D art objects, jewelry, and textiles, all joined together by the inspiration of the fan. We invite you to visit SHAPED, and compare these pieces to their 19th and 20th century traditional counterparts in A Graceful Gift. But hurry – both shows close July 2! Please refer to the FIDM Museum website for days and hours of operation.


Ting Hsuan Mei
Folded Paper Installation


Kailee Lucero
Frequent Illusory
Inkjet Printed onto Paper


Daniela Kim
Crocheted and Woven Yarns on Wooden Structure
Wood, Yarns, Twine


Mina Binebine
Clutch Handbag
Upholstery Fabric


Vanessa Osejo
I'm a Fan
Marker Ink on Paper


Elyse Ferrell
The Air that Circulates Between Us
Inkjet Printer onto Paper


Angela Bautista
Mixed Media Sculpture
Mixed Materials, Gold Paint

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