Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel

The FIDM Museum Fashion Council celebrated the opening of our latest exhibition, Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel, this Saturday, December 9 on the FIDM Orange County Campus. The show incorporates photography, fashion objects, perfume bottles, sketches, and accessories to highlight the career of Thierry Mugler, the unconventional French designer who championed the highly structured silhouettes of the 1980s. Mugler was famous for his spectacularly themed fashion shows and his portrayal of feminine yet powerful women on the runway. Though he now concentrates on costume design rather than haute couture or ready-to-wear, the Mugler brand remains successful thanks to his best-selling perfume lines (including the pioneering gourmand scent Angel and it’s sister line Alien).

A delightful French-themed champagne luncheon was served at the opening before attendees got the first look at the Mugler objects on display. Three speakers then delved into the world of French fashion, exploring Thierry Mugler’s career, his inspiration from classic film costume, and the exclusive retail industry that supported him. The day finished with an incredible surprise donation from The Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.: the group generously adopted two objects for the FIDM Museum Permanent Collection – a mantle worn by Queen Victoria, and a Beer mantle belonging to Czarina Maria of Russia. What an extraordinary gift to close out a banner year for the FIDM Museum!

Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel will be open on the FIDM Orange County campus (17590 Gillette Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614) until August 2018. Members of the public are welcome to attend by appointment; please call 949.851.6200 to schedule your visit!

H120917A-0104BCoat, 1990-1992
Wool, cotton & rayon
FIDM Museum Purchase

H120917A-0330Custom cookie designed to match a Thierry Mugler object in the exhibition! (Tasted as good as it looked).

H120917A-0286BSuit, Spring/Summer 1992
Polyester & metal
FIDM Museum Purchase

H120917A-0276BCustom Mugler star hand-crafted by FIDM Museum Gallery Director Peter Lam.

H120917A-0024BEnsemble, c. 1990
Cotton & metal
Gift of Lori Blaser

H120917A-0366Fashion Council Members Donald Damask & Joan Beer Damask (left and right) with FIDM Museum Fashion Council Chair Mima Ransom (center).

H120917A-0425BAttendees get their first look at the new exhibition Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel.

H120917A-0397FIDM Museum Coordinator Leigh Wishner (left) and Registrar Meghan Hansen (right).

H120917A-0436CEvent speakers: FIDM Museum Associate Joanna Abijaoude (left), Film Costume Historian Kimberly Truhler of GlamAmor (center), and FIDM Museum Associate Curator Christina Johnson (right).

H120917A-0500BFIDM Museum Curator Kevin Jones accepts a generous donation from Mela Hoyt-Heydon on behalf of the Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.

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    Bonjour, Jai travaillé pendant un an a la Place des Victoires chez Mercadal, avant de travailler chez Torrente. La maison Kenzo était a coté, et celle de Thierry Mugler du coté opposé de la place. Lors de la pause-déjeuner Kenzo me suivait avec 2 ou 3 de ses assistants avec des planchettes a pince et Kenzo dessinait fiévreusement en me suivant! Il a même copié un de mes looks pour un défilé et saison de prêt-à-porter. J’aimerais tant trouver une photo de la chemise en soie Thierry Mugler m’avait offert a sa boutique Place des Victoires en 1981 La chemise était sur un portant des pièces soldées, aussi je pense qu’elle était issue de la collection hiver 79/80 hiver futuriste. C’était un moment difficile pour moi dans ma vie et son geste généreux et gentille m’a redonné confiance en l’être humain. Si jamais vous avez une photo de cette chemise/blouse en soie, genre Hermès intergalactique (Noire, col cheminée, boutonnage dos, manchettes mousquetaires, épaules larges avec padding.epaulettes, motif futuriste de Thierry Mugler sur fond noir, station spatiale, planète partiel avec ses anneaux sortant du champ et signature de Thierry Mugler dans le dessein dans la soie comme les foulards et chemises en soie Hermès mais en mieux… SVP partagez la!

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