Ecarlate de Suzy, 1940

  This Baccarat perfume bottle contains Ecarlate de Suzy, a perfume that was described as heady and provocative. In the shape of head and neck topped with a red hat, it has the same whimsical quality shared by many of the mid-twentieth century perfume... Read Article ››

Straight to the heart

  Forget roses, forget chocolate! We've got a better gift for you this Valentine's Day--a selection of objects that address the theme of the day, love. Paul Poiret evening gown from La Gazette du Bon Ton 1922, No. 22 FIDM Museum Special... Read Article ››

Images of Men: A Look Through Fragrance

  Dani Killam, Assistant Registrar at the FIDM Museum, brings you this post examining how masculine archetypes are reinforced through the design and packaging of fragrance bottles. The bottles discussed in this post are part of a larger exhibit currently... Read Article ››

Lucien Lelong lipstick packaging

  The use of makeup by American women grew exponentially during the first half of the twentieth century. In the beginning of the century, makeup was primarily an urban phenomenon, gradually spreading to other areas through increased marketing and a... Read Article ››

Lucien Lelong lipstick

French couturier Lucien Lelong first began creating perfumes under the name Parfums Lucien Lelong in 1926 with the introduction of the ABC perfume trio, followed in 1927 with J (for Jasmine) and N (for Natalie Paley, Lelong's wife.) Lelong clearly... Read Article ››

Forbidden fruit

A post from our Registrar, Meghan Grossman Hansen!Apples are grown around the world in thousands of varieties, so it is not surprising that they are an undying symbol in mythology, fairy tales, and popular culture. Putting aside the more contemporary... Read Article ››

Our post today was researched and written by FIDM Museum Registrar, Meghan Grossman Hansen! In the Least Likely of Places: Discovering Counterfeit Chanel No. 5 in a Museum Collection“Bathtub Perfume Traps Pool Shark”1     “Pair... Read Article ››

Annette Green Fragrance Archive

In addition to our our garment collection, the FIDM Museum also houses an extensive fragrance archive. The Annette Green Fragrance Archive was donated to the FIDM Museum by Annette Green in 2005. A leader in the fragrance industry since the 1960s, Annette... Read Article ››