Museum Week Stories: Walter Plunkett & Diane

Participating in international Museum Week gives us an opportunity to connect with our audience and tell behind-the-scenes stories about our favorite objects. Today’s Museum Week theme is “stories;” in honor of our upcoming Art of Outstanding Television... Read Article ››

Beauty in the Details

Visitors to our Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition are consistently surprised at the level of ornate detail they notice in each costume. Subtle design elements give depth to the ensembles; construction techniques such as pleating, embroidery,... Read Article ››

FIDM Museum Opening Night Celebration

It's our favorite time of year - the opening of two brand new exhibitions! We are thrilled to share with you the very special 25th anniversary of our Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition, as well as Exotica: Fashion & Film... Read Article ››

Costume Designer Roundtable

The 10th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition is coming to a close on October 15, but we wanted our featured costume designers to have one final say about their work! FIDM Museum Newsletter Editor Elizabeth Hinckley reached out... Read Article ››

Crimson Peak: Part Two

Welcome back for another look at one of the most popular installations in our 24th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition: Crimson Peak! In Part One, Costume Designer Kate Hawley generously shared her personal workroom photos, mood... Read Article ››

Crimson Peak: Part One

The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition always draws a range of emotions from our visitors - after all, seeing the costumes you adored onscreen in person can be an overwhelming experience. However, there's one film this year that was... Read Article ››

Jenny Eagan & Daniel Orlandi

Our annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition gives us the opportunity to meet the incredibly talented designers behind our favorite films. We love to learn about their unique career paths, design processes, and what it’s really like to work on... Read Article ››

Oscar Week Wrap-Up

  Jenny Beavan with her Academy Award. Photo: Jeff Kravitz for Getty Images, via Huffington Post By now, you probably know Mad Max’s Jenny Beavan took home the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, but did you catch the rest of the FIDM Museum’s... Read Article ››

Q&A with Sandy Powell

We conclude our Oscar Week Costume Designer Q&A with this year's double nominee, Sandy Powell, who is recognized for her work on both Cinderella and Carol. Powell's celebrated career includes Academy Award wins... Read Article ››

Q&A with Jacqueline West

Today we continue our Costume Designer Q&A Series with Jacqueline West, Academy Award nominee for her work on the powerful film The Revenant. Brad Pitt, whom she dressed in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, once called West "a method... Read Article ››