A Step Ahead of the Competition

  As we've discussed here, here and here, many of the objects in our collection are donated. Our donors are extremely generous, and we've been gifted with many wonderful pieces over the years. To round out our collections, we also purchase... Read Article ››

A-muse-ing Fashions

  Today's post was written by our Assistant Registrar Dani Killam. In her post, Dani explores the interplay between fashion designers and artists in two vibrantly colorful pieces from our collection: an Adrian blouse and a Halston dress. The Halston... Read Article ››

FABULOUS! catalogue available now

  To accompany FABULOUS! Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acquisitions, 2000-2010, we've created a lavish, fully illustrated catalogue. Written by exhibition co-curators Kevin Jones and Christina Johnson, the catalogue presents a selection of new... Read Article ››

The Height of Fashion

  Today's post is courtesy of our registrar, Meghan Grossman Hansen. In this post, Meghan examines the interaction between the fashionable silhouette and the human body in the second half of the nineteenth century. You'll also get a sneak peak... Read Article ››