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An occasional round-up of events, lectures, exhibitions, and other information
of interest. Today we share some fascinating reads and an upcoming event.

Select issues of La Gazette du Bon Ton now online

Published from 1912-1925, La Gazette du Bon Ton chronicled the fashions and lifestyles of the Parisian elite with whimsical text and beautiful illustrations., a wonderful site for primary source research, now offers a few issues of La Gazette du Bon Ton for online viewing or download. As you can see from this page in a 1920 issue, even the advertisements were stylish.

Museum Mystery: Egyptian statuette rotates inside locked case

A 4,000 year old Egyptian statuette at the Manchester Museum has been mysteriously rotating inside its case for the last several months. Time lapse video has demonstrated that the statuette slowly rotates as much as 180 degrees while similar statuettes on either side remain stationary. As of yet, there's no explanation for this rotation, though physicists have suggested that it's due to friction between the statuette and the shelf below. Watch the spinning statuette in action on the Manchester Museum's blog.

Wedding gown made entirely from white Legos

Are you on the hunt for a traditional wedding dress with a twist? Consider a wedding gown made from thousands of interlocking white Legos. Artist Rie Hosokai created a Lego wedding gown for a special exhibition in Tokyo. See images of this impressive dress here.

Save the date for Gatsby's
Women: Fashionable Ideals of the 1920s

August 10, 2013
10:15 am-Noon
$35 per person

Save the date for a fascinating lecture by FIDM Museum's Associate Curator Christina Johnson. On August 10, join FIDM Museum's Fashion Council at the FIDM Orange County campus for Christina's talk on F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby and Jazz Age fashion. Attendees will have the opportunity to view the exhibition Gatsby’s Women: 1920s Evening Dress from The Helen Larson Historic
Fashion Collection
, now on-view in the FIDM Gallery Orange County.

Exhibit22-3Evening Dress (detail)
Paris, France
c. 1927
See the full view of this gown here.

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