Two exhibitions opening in February!


On February 10, 2015, the FIDM Museum & Galleries opens two new exhibitions.

The 23rd Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition presents the best film costumes of 2014. The exhibition includes a range of costume genres, from fairytale fantasy to historic drama.

Opulent Art: 18th-Century Dress from the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection explores a time when fashionable garments were crafted from the finest materials, including silk and precious metals.

Both exhibits are open from February 10, 2015 through April 25, 2015. Check this blog often for updates on exhibition related special events.

Free to the public

FIDM Museum
919 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015


23rd Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition

46278--E020914A-0183The Great Gatsby costumes by Catherine Martin, 2014 Oscar® Winner Costumes Design & Best Production Design. (L to R) Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan, Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby.

FIDM Museum & Galleries’ popular annual exhibition shines the spotlight on costumes that help bring memorable film characters to life. This year’s exhibition will feature over 100 costumes representing 20 of 2014’s most notable films in a variety of genres. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the exquisite designs and craftsmanship produced by today’s top costume designers.

Costumes from last year’s Academy Award® winning The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin), will be spotlighted. Other films include Belle (Anushia Nieradzik), Big Eyes (Colleen Atwood), Selma (Ruth E. Carter), and Jersey Boys (Deborah Hopper).


Opulent Art: 18th-Century Dress from the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection

Opulent ArtRobe Volante, France, c. 1745
Brocaded silk, silk passementarie & linen
Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection
FIDM Museum, L2011.13.991AB

Ladies and gentlemen living in 18th-century Europe dressed opulently. The designing, producing, and wearing of fashion was elevated to an art form. Luxurious silks, handmade laces, and precious metal trimmings were de rigueur for those aligned with royal courts and attending state theatres. In this exhibition are displayed lavish garments and accessories spanning the century, including a rare “Figaro” costume worn by an actor portraying the rascal servant in Beaumarchais’s famed opera trilogy. The stories of this character’s hijinks undermining his aristocratic employer sparked revolutionary tensions with real life rulers, who tried unsuccessfully to ban the popular productions.


2 responses to “Two exhibitions opening in February!

  1. You have mislabel the 18th century gown in your post. It is not a “robe volante” it is a “Robe a la Francaise and the silk is mid 1760s not 1740s. The serpentine S curve of the fabric is typical of the 1760s as are the sleeve treatments. In the 1740s the sleeves would have winged cuffs.

  2. Lauren says:

    Saw the volante in person. What a piece!! No question it’s a volante if you could see it from the front, Hallie. Stunning and so interesting in construction. I was curious about the flounced cuffs too, but there are the two types of cuffs shown as contemporary in Cut of Women’s Clothes (or perhaps an update changed out later)

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