From the Archives: Greetings from Lucien Lelong

Today's post (originally published in 2010) unwraps a collection of Christmas cards from couturier Lucien Lelong in the FIDM Museum's Annette Green Fragrance Archive.           


F2006877155 Greeting card sent by Lucien Lelong
Gift of Monique Fink

Our collection of Lucien Lelong perfume and ephemera includes a group of holiday greeting cards signed by Lucien Lelong. Though most of the cards are undated, they seem to span the years between 1935 and 1945. The cards are printed with images of iconic Parisian landmarks. Each card has a hand-written holiday greeting in French or English, along with Lucien Lelong's signature. The card above pictures the Place Vendome, the beginning of the Rue de la Paix. From the late 19th century, when Worth established his salon at No. 7, the Rue de la Paix was home to many celebrated couture houses.

F2006877152 Greeting card sent by Lucien Lelong
Gift of Monique Fink

Dated 1938, the card above features a printed image of two women in late 1860s style dress. Lelong's stylized L logo is imprinted on the lower left corner of the card.

This card pictures the Palais Garnier, or Paris Opera House.

F2006877156 Greeting card sent by Lucien Lelong
Gift of Monique Fink

3 responses to “From the Archives: Greetings from Lucien Lelong

  1. Becky D says:

    So quirky and interesting to have these pieces in your collection. I love that the Museum considers the designer as a whole and finds value in his holiday cards! I always think art is so much more compelling when there is something more mundane to know about the artist as well.

  2. Charley says:

    I recently came across one of these while looking through a family collection of old envelopes, stamps, post cards, greeting cards, etc. The card itself is undated but the cancellation on the envelope dates it and is the Place Vendome. It is a very beautiful envelope, card, signature dating December 7, 1949. I hope to find more information on it soon.

  3. Rachel says:

    Lucky you, Charley! Someone in your family must have worked for Lucien Lelong.

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