Scents and Sensibilities

Have you visited the FIDM Museum's Annette Green Fragrance Gallery on the second floor of our Los Angeles campus? This intimate space has held a range of exhibitions showcasing fragrance, jewelry, and accessories. We are happy to announce our new... Read Article ››

Estée Lauder Perfume Compacts

The FIDM Museum is home to a robust collection of fragrance and beauty objects, from luxuriously packaged Lucien Lelong lipsticks to the suggestive glass bottle of Schiaparelli’s Shocking perfume. One name in particular among our signature scents... Read Article ››

Selling the Scents of the Season

In 1950, most women viewed perfume as a luxury item, reserved for special occasions, and it represented less than one percent of the overall cosmetics market.1 Because it had a higher profit margin than skincare products or makeup, however, the beauty... Read Article ››

Skyscraper Style

In the 1920s, America's booming economy sent real estate prices–and buildings–soaring sky-high in crowded cities like New York and Chicago, where land was scarce and there was nowhere to go but up. Towering new edifices of glass and steel rose... Read Article ››

Friday Wrap: Reading & Watching

  An occasional round-up of articles, events, exhibitions, and other information of interest. This week, we share a fascinating read, a festive perfume bottle, and footage of historic garments in action.   Do you document your museum visits by... Read Article ››

L’Aimant by Coty, 1950s

According to this article, downtown Los Angeles (home of the FIDM Museum) has experienced snow only 6 times since a January 1949 snowstorm sprinkled downtown with less than 1 inch of snow. The last recorded snow downtown occurred in 1962, so it's unlikely... Read Article ››

Mae West objects on display

  Originally posted in 2009, this post explores Mae West's larger-than-life persona. Visit the 20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition to see one of Mae West's corsets and a pair of her platform shoes on exhibit. The... Read Article ››