Football fashion

  Fashion draws its influences from an incredible array of sources–from ancient civilizations to the signs of the zodiac. With Super Bowl XLIX taking place this weekend, we wondered if any of the garments in our collection were influenced by... Read Article ››

Fashion Birthday: Issey Miyake

  Happy 76th birthday to Issey Miyake, born on April 22, 1938! In celebration of the designer's birthday, we offer this provocative Issey Miyake orange and white ensemble. Suit Spring/Summer 2001 Issey Miyake Museum Purchase 2003.5.7AB Issey Miyake... Read Article ››

Issey Miyake Pleats Please

  The concept of Issey Miyake's Pleats Please line is simple: timeless, wearable garments that require minimal care and maintence. As the name of the line suggests, the distinguishing feature of the Pleats Please line are the pleats. Unlike most... Read Article ››

Issey Miyake’s early pleats

  Until the early 1980s, most garments designed for Western women were created in reaction to the body. Whether emphasizing and exaggerating a curvaceous form, as in the New Look, or minimizing curves to create a willowy 1960s silhouette, Western... Read Article ››