Friday Wrap: Reading & Watching

  An occasional round-up of articles, events, exhibitions, and other information of interest. This week, we share a fascinating read, a festive perfume bottle, and footage of historic garments in action.   Do you document your museum visits by... Read Article ››

Real photo postcard, c. 1910

Don't you love this wonderful photo of three women posed in a rowboat? Unlike formal nineteenth century portraits, these women are posed in a whimsical setting—a wooden rowboat. Despite the casual situation, they all look a bit ill at ease! Maybe... Read Article ››

Printed cotton parasol, c. 1909-1919

Two women posed for this casual outdoor snapshot, c. 1911. Their nearly identical ensembles of short-sleeved middy blouses and ankle-length skirts suggest summertime leisure. Though popular as school uniforms for children, middy blouses were also worn as... Read Article ››

Lily Hanbury picture postcard

  In the late nineteenth century, London theatres staged productions designed to entertain the working and middle classes. Operettas, comedies, melodramas and Shakespearean drama offered theatregoers "an escape from the dreary monotony and daily... Read Article ››

Holding history in my hands

  In today's post, Christina Johnson, associate curator and resident photography expert, describes her long-standing fascination with historic photography. She also discusses the conservation of a mid-nineteenth century ambrotype portraying two... Read Article ››

Fashion history through photographs, part II

Part two of FIDM Museum Collections Manager Christina Johnson's examination of how photographs can be used to study fashion history. Carte de visitec. 1875-77Gift of Steven Porterfield2009.897.103Carte de visites were produced from 1854 through the 1880s.... Read Article ››


Did you brave the crowds to do a bit of Black Friday shopping? If so, you probably visited a department store, boutique or perhaps a local craft fair. Or maybe you waited until today, Cyber Monday, to do your shopping online. Did any of the retail outlets you... Read Article ››