The Empire Era Silhouette

Our recent exhibition Majesty & Mystery: Saving a Napoléonic Court Gown introduced visitors to the magnificent royal court of Napoléon Bonaparte and Empress Joséphine. The gold and silver splendor seen in the court ensemble on display (currently the... Read Article ››

Majesty & Mystery

The FIDM Museum History Gallery is a treasured part of our institution. It gives us the ability to showcase our vast Permanent Collection, or, in the case of the History Gallery’s current exhibition, an object that we hope to acquire! In the coming months,... Read Article ››

Crimson Peak: Part Two

Welcome back for another look at one of the most popular installations in our 24th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition: Crimson Peak! In Part One, Costume Designer Kate Hawley generously shared her personal workroom photos, mood... Read Article ››

Behind the Music

In honor of Museum Week, we are excited to share the story behind one of the most exquisite and rare objects in our collection: Austrian composer and pianist Johann Hummel's three-piece court suit, dating to 1810-14! The ensemble was donated by a... Read Article ››

Out & About: Fashion Council Royal Tea

In today’s tech-centric world, it is nearly impossible to imagine a life before instant communication was available. When we want to speak with a friend, we can pick up the phone – or if that is too archaic, we can send a text, a tweet, a Facebook... Read Article ››

“Fabulous Fashion” Lecture Series

In honor of their current exhibition Fabulous Fashion: Decades of Change: 1890s, 1920s, & 1950s, the Pasadena Museum of History's Textile Arts Council is proud to partner with the curatorial staff of the FIDM Museum to present a... Read Article ››

Black Beauty

Though often used as a synonym for black, "jet" refers to a type of semi-precious stone formed from coal derived from fossilized driftwood. The finest jet came from Whitby, on the northeast coast of England, and could be polished to a smooth,... Read Article ››

Fundraising Friday: Crowned Head

The FIDM Museum is in the final weeks of a major fundraising campaign to purchase the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection, a private collection of 1,400 historic garments and accessories from four centuries. Each Friday, this blog will present an... Read Article ››
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