The Legacy of Karl Lagerfeld

Dark glasses, ponytail, and a crisp starched collar: even for those outside of the fashion industry, designer Karl Lagerfeld (1933 - 2019) was an immediately recognizable self-made icon. Known for his acerbic wit (quoted eagerly in the press) and irreverent... Read Article ››

Okja + Chanel

Fashion and costume design are two distinct disciplines, yet their worlds constantly collide. Think of the lone Technicolor scene in a black and white film to showcase Adrian’s spectacular fashions in The Women (1939), or Audrey Hepburn’s... Read Article ››

Le Quatorze Juillet

What better time than Bastille Day to celebrate French fashion?  We've written extensively about French designers represented in the FIDM Museum Collection on our blog; below, you'll find links to just a few of our favorite articles. Who... Read Article ››

Chanel evening ensemble, 1985

  Designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, this dramatic evening ensemble includes a floor-length silk crepe evening gown and feathered cape. Covered with iridescent coque (rooster) feathers, the cape is a true show-stopper. Because of the inherent... Read Article ››

Chanel day dress, c. 1937

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's (1883-1971) reputation is staked primarily on her exploration of menswear-inspired suits and her promotion of the understated little black dress. Though these creations are an important part of her aesthetic, her... Read Article ››

Chains of Chanel

  Gilt chains are a recurring visual theme in the Chanel lexicon. Beginning in the 1920s, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel promoted costume jewelry as an alternative to jewelry made of gold and studded with pearls and precious stones. Chanel didn't just... Read Article ››

Sailor suits

Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, young boys and girls were often dressed in sailor suits. Worn as both school uniforms and everyday dress, the popularity of the style was sparked by this 1846 Winterhalter portrait of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.... Read Article ››