Le Quatorze Juillet

What better time than Bastille Day to celebrate French fashion?  We've written extensively about French designers represented in the FIDM Museum Collection on our blog; below, you'll find links to just a few of our favorite articles. Who... Read Article ››

Fashion Never Sleeps

With pajama pants and shirts, slip dresses, and boudoir style back in fashion, this ensemble from 1968 recalls the trend for "evening pyjamas" in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Pyjamas first left the house in the 1930s, when women... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Marc Bohan for Dior

Last week's announcement that Raf Simons is leaving Christian Dior reminded us of this 2012 post on Marc Bohan, who designed for the House of Dior for thirty years. Simons is only the fifth designer to hold the position of creative director... Read Article ››

Vivier’s “Virgule”

In honor of Bastille Day, we salute legendary French footwear designer Roger Vivier (1907-1998). Before working for Delman and Dior, Vivier studied sculpture at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris–training evident in his... Read Article ››

Summer Whites

Traditionally, white clothing has been reserved for the summer months, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we're getting our summer whites out of storage! Marc Bohan for Christian DiorSpring/Summer 1968Gift of Mrs.... Read Article ››

Celebrate Spring

  Spring has officially arrived! March 20 was the first day of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. From here on out, the weather gradually gets warmer and days are longer. Warm days encourage colorful spring flowers to bloom: cherry blossoms, tulips,... Read Article ››

From the Archives: The Little Black Dress

First published in 2010, this post briefly outlines the history of the little black dress, complete with examples from the FIDM Museum collection. ********** During the nineteenth century, black clothing was usually worn to signify a special status, i.e.... Read Article ››

Gloves in the 20th century

  In contemporary fashion, gloves are generally overlooked. Warm knitted gloves keep our hands warm in winter, while sturdy canvas or leather gloves protect our hands during gardening or construction projects. Protective gloves (or sometimes mittens)... Read Article ››

Adrian resists the New Look

  In 1948, when the fashion world was atwitter with talk of Christian Dior's New Look, renowned American designer Adrian took fashion lovers to task for their over reliance on the dictates of Paris. Though the New Look had already created a radical break... Read Article ››