Vivienne Westwood: Britain Must Go Pagan

At the FIDM Museum, we’re delighted to showcase our objects in exhibitions both locally and abroad. We’ve talked about our participation in Reigning Men at LACMA and Oscar de la Renta at the de Young Museum, and last month one of our pieces joined... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Vivienne Westwood suit

  Happy birthday to Dame Vivienne Westwood! Born on April 8, 1941, Westwood's career has spanned generations of fashion, from 1970s punk to her more recent interest in historicism. Today we salute her work by taking a close look at a plaid wool suit... Read Article ››

Fashion Birthday: Vivienne Westwood

Happy birthday to Vivienne Westwood, born on this day in 1941! We wish her the best and look forward to many more of her inventive designs. Though Westwood's early career, which began in the early 1970s, was closely associated with punk, by the 1980s she... Read Article ››

Political T-shirts

With the 2012 presidential election less than 2 weeks away, political discourse is inescapable. The candidates, their positions, and rabid speculation on the outcome of the upcoming election dominate the news. For some people, political beliefs are a private... Read Article ››

Vivienne Westwood corset

The task is to form the future from the materials of the past-Vivienne Westwood1For centuries, corsets were an essential, but unseen, part of a woman's wardrobe. Visible only through their shaping of the body, actual corsets were typically seen only in... Read Article ››

Vivienne Westwood

British designer Vivienne Westwood (b.1941) began her fashion career in the early 1970s, just as the prevailing fashions began a shift towards the aggressive look of punk. Embracing a design sense that explored the possibilities of decay and destruction, punk... Read Article ››