Intern Report: Bonnie Cashin

Today's blog post is written by Nandini Gopalarathinam, recipient of the Santamaura Summer Study Grant. Nandini Gopalarathinam is a fashion professional turned aspiring fashion historian and archivist. After years of working as a visual director for... Read Article ››

Bonnie Cashin ensemble, c. 1978

  Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Bonnie Cashin. Though I admire an elegant evening gown as much as anyone, I appreciate Cashin's interest in creating a wardrobe that suited the everyday activities of twentieth-century women. Within this framework,... Read Article ››

Bonnie Cashin

Lots of designers start from scratch every six months or so, moving with the trends. Not Bonnie Cashin. Every season she adds a little to what has gone before–some new colors, an experimental shape. Nothing invalidates her previous season’s... Read Article ››