From the Archives: Space Age Style

Currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion reminds us of the noteworthy “futuristic” fashion in our collection. This post from 2014 explores how the fascination with space exploration and the moon landing was... Read Article ››

Remembering James Galanos

All of us at the FIDM Museum were saddened to learn of James Galanos' passing at the age of 92 over the weekend. The Los Angeles-based couture designer was known for dressing the 20th century's brightest socialites, including Nancy Reagan and Betsy... Read Article ››

Ceil Chapman

Best remembered today as Marilyn Monroe's favorite designer, Ceil Chapman was famous in the 1940s and '50s for her glamorous yet affordable evening looks. Her ready-to-wear "dream dresses," as the New York Times called them in... Read Article ››

The Inimitable Victor Costa

Long before he earned his reputation as "fashion's knock-off king," Victor Costa (b. 1935) created a line of Bohemian-inspired dresses—including this maxi dress wittily woven with hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds—under the Romantica... Read Article ››

Fashion Never Sleeps

With pajama pants and shirts, slip dresses, and boudoir style back in fashion, this ensemble from 1968 recalls the trend for "evening pyjamas" in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Pyjamas first left the house in the 1930s, when women... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Space Age Style

Legendary couturier André Courrèges passed away Thursday, age 92. This post from 2015 highlights one of his many fashion innovations, the "Space Age" style, the influence of which can still be felt today. See more of the FIDM... Read Article ››

Why the Sixties Were Swinging

In the late 1960s, the disaffected youth of the Left Bank (or "Rive Gauche") neighborhood of Paris trawled the city's open-air flea markets looking for romantic embellishments like fringed shawls, Indian jewelry, and antique lace. French... Read Article ››

Bugle-Beaded Borders by Night

Fashion designer Norman Norell (1900-1972) was famous for his love of sparkly sequins and beading, which he applied to evening sheaths, pajama pantsuits, and even jacket linings. As he once said, "If you're going out at night,... Read Article ››

West Coast Mod

New York's Seventh Avenue may be America's fashion capital, but California has always been the heart of the American sportswear industry. "The California pace is easy, outdoorsy, sunny," Vogue declared in 1954. "California clothes... Read Article ››

Selling the Original Supermodel

"How has this slender young thing, completely unspoiled, unpretentious, in less than one year jumped to the top of the modeling world?" Women's Wear Daily asked on January 4, 1967.1 The "slender young thing" was, of course, Twiggy,... Read Article ››
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