Fashion Council Fall Lecture Day

What do you see when you envision a fan? Perhaps gilded sticks, a painted leaf, a sprinkling of palettes? What about a fan made of perfume blotters, a cut-up silk scarf, or leather? World-class artist Sylvain Le Guen pushes the boundaries of traditional fan... Read Article ››

Opening Night: Art of Costume Design

Television is truly in a golden age – the quality that audiences experience on network, streaming, and digital platforms is equivalent to films playing on the big screen. Of course, the visual impact of television plays a big role in bringing new worlds to... Read Article ››

Opening Night: Hollywood Costume Exhibition

What would a film be without costume design? This question greets FIDM Museum visitors as they enter the gallery for our 26th annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition. As the stunning array of costumes on display prove, a movie would be nothing... Read Article ››

Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel

The FIDM Museum Fashion Council celebrated the opening of our latest exhibition, Thierry Mugler: Alien to Angel, this Saturday, December 9 on the FIDM Orange County Campus. The show incorporates photography, fashion objects, perfume bottles, sketches, and... Read Article ››

The New Golden Age

On Saturday night, the FIDM Museum ushered in our Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition! Thanks to the multitude of platforms available for television viewing and the rich variety of content produced, costume designers have more... Read Article ››

Out & About: Dressed in Diamonds

Our Curator, Kevin Jones, was at The Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens today speaking to in-house docents about his favorite subjects: late-19th century and early-20th century fashion. His presentation was titled Dress in Diamonds:... Read Article ››

FIDM Museum Opening Night Celebration

It's our favorite time of year - the opening of two brand new exhibitions! We are thrilled to share with you the very special 25th anniversary of our Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition, as well as Exotica: Fashion & Film... Read Article ››

Sun-Drenched Style Now Open

“Something new under the sun! Something daring and different!” A 1946 California Fashion Promotion in the Chicago Daily Tribune proclaimed that West Coast fashion was at the cutting edge of casual clothes, designing on-trend sportswear that fit all... Read Article ››

Out & About: Fashion Council Royal Tea

In today’s tech-centric world, it is nearly impossible to imagine a life before instant communication was available. When we want to speak with a friend, we can pick up the phone – or if that is too archaic, we can send a text, a tweet, a Facebook... Read Article ››

Anything for André!

Curator Kevin Jones recently traveled to San Francisco to install loaned FIDM Museum objects in the de Young Museum's upcoming Oscar de la Renta retrospective! Read on to hear how our objects are installed at other institutions, and what... Read Article ››