Fundraising Friday: Meet Maison Félix

The FIDM Museum is in the final months of a major fundraising campaign to purchase the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection, a private collection of 1,400 historic garments and accessories from four centuries. Each Friday, this blog will... Read Article ››

Fashion Birthday: Charles Frederick Worth

  Charles Frederick Worth was born 189 years ago today, on October 13, 1825! Considered the pre-eminent fashion tastemaker of the latter nineteenth-century, Worth labeled his garments, ensuring that his creations were perpetually associated with his... Read Article ››

Charles Worth

Often called the “dictator of fashion,” Charles Worth (1825-1895) was the preeminent fashion tastemaker of the mid to late nineteenth century. Born in rural England, Worth emigrated to Paris in 1845 and worked in a series of dry-goods and... Read Article ››