Le Quatorze Juillet

What better time than Bastille Day to celebrate French fashion?  We've written extensively about French designers represented in the FIDM Museum Collection on our blog; below, you'll find links to just a few of our favorite articles. Who... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Space Age Style

Legendary couturier André Courrèges passed away Thursday, age 92. This post from 2015 highlights one of his many fashion innovations, the "Space Age" style, the influence of which can still be felt today. See more of the FIDM... Read Article ››

Deceptive Simplicity

Although he is best known today for his avant-garde "Space Age" designs in futuristic materials like plastic and metal, couturier André Courrèges (b. 1923) was equally celebrated in the 1960s for his impeccable tailoring, a legacy of his... Read Article ››

Space Age Style

Fashion landed on the moon long before man did. In the early 1960s, in the throes of the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union, French couture designers like Pierre Cardin, Andre Courrèges, and Paco Rabanne sent so-called “Space Age”... Read Article ››

André Courrèges sunglasses, 1965

Sunglasses André Courrèges 1965 Museum Purchase, Funds provided by Robert Nelson 2008.528.1A/B André Courrèges's Space Age fashions of the mid-1960s featured structured silhouettes and sleek, lunar white accessories. Focusing on structure over... Read Article ››

André Courrèges mini-dresses

  André Courrèges first solo collection of 1961 was inevitably compared to the work of his mentor and former employer Balenciaga. Consisting of day suits, dresses and evening wear, Courrèges' first collection was said to be, "decidedly... Read Article ››