Surrealist circle skirt, c. 1955

There's so much to say about this skirt! It's a classic 1950s circle skirt, but the embroidered, bejeweled hands decorating the skirt can be interpreted through a variety of lenses. More than just a decorative motif, these hands reach toward artistic... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Tina Leser skirt

Today's post highlights the value of primary source research. Because of its label, we knew that this was a Tina Leser skirt. Using one of the FIDM Library databases, we found a brief mention of this exact skirt in a New York Times article. Finding... Read Article ››

Hand-painted circle skirt

  During the 1950s, casual clothing became an increasingly important part of the American wardrobe. Economic prosperity in the wake of World War II meant that many individuals had time for leisure and relaxation, either on the weekend or during extended... Read Article ››

Tina Leser

Tina Leser (1910-1986) is among the generation of American designers credited with creating and popularizing the “American Look” during and immediately after World War II. Along with designers such as Carolyn Schnurer, Louella Ballerino and Claire... Read Article ››

From mini to maxi

As discussed in this post, fashions changed dramatically in the 1960s. For women, the miniskirt was emblematic of widespread social and cultural changes which occurred throughout the decade. British designer Mary Quant is usually credited with bringing the... Read Article ››