Confessions of a Curator: Censored!

In the second installment of our "Confessions of a Curator" series, Kevin Jones explores a rather scandalous new donation, and the role of censorship and sexuality in fashion. As always, if you have questions for our curatorial team, feel free to... Read Article ››

Franco Moschino Survival Jacket

  Survival Jacket Franco Moschino Spring/Summer 1991 Museum Purchase 2005.5.36A-U Survival of the fashion fittest is the theme of Franco Moschino's (1950-1994) tongue-in-check Survival Jacket. Made from khaki twill, a fabric associated with military... Read Article ››

Moschino Couture! evening gown, 1992

Made of rainbow-hued silk satin, this Moschino Couture! evening gown was worn to an early 1990s costume ball. Though we have few details about the event, if all the costumes were this eye-catching, it was surely a splendid evening. Any guesses as to the... Read Article ››

Handbag variety

Like shoes, handbags and purses straddle the line between functional and decorative objects. Though many women (and some men) consider them necessary containers for objects such as keys or money, the sheer diversity of available styles demonstrates that... Read Article ››

Moschino Cheap and Chic

By the time Franco Moschino (1950-1994) introduced his "Cheap and Chic" line in 1988, he had already earned a reputation as the irreverent "court jester" of the fashion world. From the time he debuted his first "Couture!"... Read Article ››