Opening Night: Art of Costume Design

Television is truly in a golden age – the quality that audiences experience on network, streaming, and digital platforms is equivalent to films playing on the big screen. Of course, the visual impact of television plays a big role in bringing new worlds to... Read Article ››

Museum Week: Meet Our Team!

We love participating in Museum Week, the annual social media campaign that encourages institutions around the world to take their online community behind-the-scenes. Today's theme is Professions: who works at the FIDM Museum and what do they do? It takes... Read Article ››

Scents and Sensibilities

Have you visited the FIDM Museum's Annette Green Fragrance Gallery on the second floor of our Los Angeles campus? This intimate space has held a range of exhibitions showcasing fragrance, jewelry, and accessories. We are happy to announce our new... Read Article ››

The New Golden Age

On Saturday night, the FIDM Museum ushered in our Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition! Thanks to the multitude of platforms available for television viewing and the rich variety of content produced, costume designers have more... Read Article ››

FIDM Museum Opening Night Celebration

It's our favorite time of year - the opening of two brand new exhibitions! We are thrilled to share with you the very special 25th anniversary of our Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition, as well as Exotica: Fashion & Film... Read Article ››

#AskACurator Recap

Yesterday was officially "Ask A Curator" Day on Twitter: members of the public were invited to ask museum curators questions about their profession, background, personal interests, and even how much coffee they drink! Over 1,300 international... Read Article ››

Confessions of a Curator: Christina Johnson

The FIDM Museum blog is excited to introduce a new column called "Confessions of a Curator." In this feature, our Curators Kevin Jones and Christina Johnson will speak directly to our readers about their current research projects, the challenges and... Read Article ››

Crimson Peak: Part Two

Welcome back for another look at one of the most popular installations in our 24th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition: Crimson Peak! In Part One, Costume Designer Kate Hawley generously shared her personal workroom photos, mood... Read Article ››

Crimson Peak: Part One

The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition always draws a range of emotions from our visitors - after all, seeing the costumes you adored onscreen in person can be an overwhelming experience. However, there's one film this year that was... Read Article ››
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