Skyscraper Style

In the 1920s, America's booming economy sent real estate prices–and buildings–soaring sky-high in crowded cities like New York and Chicago, where land was scarce and there was nowhere to go but up. Towering new edifices of glass and steel rose... Read Article ››

From the Archives: Mariano Fortuny

  The FIDM Museum blog will be on hiatus through early January 2015. In the meantime, enjoy weekly posts from the archives. To keep up with our current projects, find us on Facebook and Twitter, which will be updated regularly during the blog hiatus.... Read Article ››

1890s evening ensemble

  Astute fashion observers quickly realize that fashion is cyclical. Silhouettes, colors, motifs, and styles disappear, only to reappear years, or even decades, later. Some styles, like the diaphanous drapes of ancient Greco-Roman dress, seem to inspire... Read Article ››

Skirt lifter, c. 1876

Today's post was researched and written by FIDM Museum's summer intern Joanna Abijaoude. Over the past several weeks, Joanna has assisted with multiple projects, including digitizing ephemera from The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection and... Read Article ››

Green in fashion

Thanks to Pantone, avoiding a pinch on St. Patrick's Day will be much easier this year. According to their decree, 2013 is the year of emerald green, a rich jewel tone "that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."1 Due to... Read Article ››

Investigating a Silver Studio textile

  In 2007, the Textile Group of Los Angeles donated a late 19th century Silver Studio textile panel to the FIDM Museum. About 7 feet long and 2 ½ feet wide, this printed cotton textile features a dynamic pattern of orange poppies and white daisy chains... Read Article ››

Liberty & Co. evening gown, c. 1910

  Evening gown Liberty & Co. c. 1910 Silk satin, silk gauze & pearl beads Museum Purchase 2006.5.7 Liberty & Co. opened in London's West End during 1875. Founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty stocked his small shop with goods imported from the... Read Article ››

Lounge jacket, 1880s

  Lounge or at-home jacket Silk with cotton embroidery 1880s Museum Purchase 2008.5.34 We are excited to announce that our 1880s embroidered silk lounge jacket will be featured in The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900. Opening April 2 at... Read Article ››

Chatelaine purse

Combining utility and beauty, chatelaines were a form of functional jewelry worn hanging at the waist. Comprising a hook and multiple dangling chains attached to small, useful objects (scissors, writing utensils, keys, purse, watch, perfume vial, etc.)... Read Article ››

Hand painted silk ensemble, c. 1925

Child's "Dainty Blossom" Ensemble Daisy Stanford Hand-painted silk c. 1925 Museum Purchase 2003.5.24A-C Hand-painted novelties, including dresses, scarves and ribbons, enjoyed a burst of popularity in the teens and twenties. A Paris fashion... Read Article ››