Jaeger wool corset, 1890s

  Corset 1890s Gustav Jaeger, Designer Wool & metal Museum Purchase 2009.5.1 German physician Gustav Jaeger (1832-1917) advocated wearing wool undergarments next to the skin for health purposes in his book Sanitary Woolen System, first published in... Read Article ››

Miniature corset, 1890s

Miniature corset France, 1890s Museum Purchase 2010.5.9 The corset was literally and figuratively the most defining female fashion of the Victorian era. The body underneath and the clothing above relied on the anatomy-shaping device to compress excess flesh... Read Article ››

Blue corset, c. 1868-1874

Corset c. 1868-1874 FIDM Museum Purchase 2011.5.28 In the late 1860s, the fashionable bodice fit smoothly over a curvaceous corset that emphasized the bust. Skirts flared from a high, compressed waist, so corsets were shaped to place somewhat less... Read Article ››