Mollie Parnis

Mollie Parnis (d. 1992), a mid-twentieth century New York designer who dressed First Ladies and movie stars, once told a reporter, "The last thing I want to talk about is what people are wearing."[1] A curious sentiment for a woman who spent her... Read Article ››

Deceptive Simplicity

Although he is best known today for his avant-garde "Space Age" designs in futuristic materials like plastic and metal, couturier André Courrèges (b. 1923) was equally celebrated in the 1960s for his impeccable tailoring, a legacy of his... Read Article ››

Merry Pranksters

Today, the word "motley" is a synonym for "mixed" or "heterogeneous." In the 14th century, however, it signified a textile or garment of two or more colors, particularly the clothing worn by jesters. The jester's multicolored... Read Article ››

Fall dressing: Coats and Jackets

  As today is the first full day of fall, it seems only appropriate to take a look at some of the warm and cozy garments in our collection. So, today we bring you a selection of coats and jackets, from sensible wool to patterned lamé. Let us know if... Read Article ››

Ossie Clark ensemble, c. 1969

In August 1965, British Vogue featured the designs of Ossie Clark, a recent graduate of London's Royal College of Art. Clark's graduation collection featured the graphic patterns and short shift dresses that were popular in the freewheeling milieu of... Read Article ››

Spring flowers

  Spring is here! Today, March 20, is the first day of spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring brings longer days, warmer weather and a host of colorful blooms. In celebration of spring's arrival, we offer you an array of flowers... Read Article ››

Lanz Original, late 1940s

  Jacketc. 1946 Wool, cotton, brass buttonsLanz OriginalGift of Patricia Marks2003.45.3 Lanz originated in Salzburg, Austria during the early 1920s. Founded by Josef Lanz and Fritz Mahler in 1922, Lanz of Salzburg specialized in ski wear and traditional... Read Article ››

Fox collar coat, c. 1927

  CoatWool & fox fur1925-1929Gift of Floss Alper2001.9.1 Appearing in the exquisite creations of the Parisian haute couture and the humbler pages of the Sears catalog, fur suited the extravagant mood of 1920s dress. Though a coat made entirely of... Read Article ››

Ted Lapidus fur, c. 1983

  Bill Cunningham's recent On The Street video "Fabulous, Mr. Fox," pointed out something I've noticed over the past few months: a renewed interest in animal prints and fur, both real and fake. In November 2010, the New York Times... Read Article ››