Evening dress, c. 1926

No matter what your feelings about director Baz Luhrmann's new cinematic adaption of  F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic American novel The Great Gatsby, you can't deny that the film is generating interest in 1920s fashion. Though reaction to the... Read Article ››

Silk handkerchiefs, c. 1926

These charmingly presented silk handkerchiefs prove that the whole is usually greater than the sum of its parts. Their colorful, festive packaging elevates them to something memorable. Carefully folded and arranged to form full skirts, the hand-painted... Read Article ››

Jeanne Lanvin fashion figure

Fashion Figure Winter 1921 Jeanne Lanvin Museum Purchase 2008.25.1 The original purpose of this extremely rare Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946) fashion figure is a mystery. It may have been associated with an extensive display of figures at the International Silk... Read Article ››

Butterflies abound

Though we're not a natural history museum or a science center, we have lots of butterflies in our collection. No taxidermy specimens here, FIDM Museum butterflies are woven, printed, painted, and embroidered. Our curatorial team has no specific intent to... Read Article ››

Spring flowers

  Spring is here! Today, March 20, is the first day of spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring brings longer days, warmer weather and a host of colorful blooms. In celebration of spring's arrival, we offer you an array of flowers... Read Article ››

Evening dress, 1925-27

  Vibrant patterns and bold colors are common characteristics of textiles dating from the 1920s. Rejecting the Belle Epoque palette of off-white and cream accented with pale pink or soft blue, textile designers drew from a variety of eclectic sources to... Read Article ››

Fox collar coat, c. 1927

  CoatWool & fox fur1925-1929Gift of Floss Alper2001.9.1 Appearing in the exquisite creations of the Parisian haute couture and the humbler pages of the Sears catalog, fur suited the extravagant mood of 1920s dress. Though a coat made entirely of... Read Article ››

Quilted cloche, c. 1925

  The close-fitting cloche is the headwear most closely associated with the 1920s. Worn throughout the decade, the streamlined fit of the cloche complemented the slim lines of 1920s dress. Unlike hats of the previous decade, which often featured... Read Article ››

Straight to the heart

  Forget roses, forget chocolate! We've got a better gift for you this Valentine's Day--a selection of objects that address the theme of the day, love. Paul Poiret evening gown from La Gazette du Bon Ton 1922, No. 22 FIDM Museum Special... Read Article ››

Mariano Fortuny

Though Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949) is remembered primarily for his finely pleated silk gowns, it would be inaccurate to categorize his work as fashion, i.e. undergoing frequent stylistic changes. Unlike a couturier, who regularly introduces new silhouettes,... Read Article ››

Day dress, 1920-22

  From about 1919-1928, the female waistline was largely invisible. During this period, most women's dress lacked indentation at the natural waistline, creating a columnar silhouette best represented by the chemise or 'flapper' dress. Though... Read Article ››