Cinch belt

If you happened to see this cinch belt out and about, what would be your guess as to its age? Given that it is part of the FIDM Museum collection, we probably didn't pick it up at H&M over the weekend. Cinch belt1952SchafferAnonymous... Read Article ››

Hairpin lace

When this hairpin lace dress was donated to the FIDM Museum in 2007, we had to give ourselves a crash course, because we weren't familiar with this form of handwork. Worked on a small, hand-held "fork" or loom with a crochet hook, hairpin lace... Read Article ››

Out and about with Claire McCardell

Do you live in the Chicago area? Will you be traveling to Chicago before January 9, 2010? If so, you're in luck! The FIDM Museum Claire McCardell dresses seen in today's post are on exhibit in Chicago as part of the Learning Modern exhibition at the... Read Article ››

Bonnie Cashin

Lots of designers start from scratch every six months or so, moving with the trends. Not Bonnie Cashin. Every season she adds a little to what has gone before–some new colors, an experimental shape. Nothing invalidates her previous season’s... Read Article ››

Tina Leser

Tina Leser (1910-1986) is among the generation of American designers credited with creating and popularizing the “American Look” during and immediately after World War II. Along with designers such as Carolyn Schnurer, Louella Ballerino and Claire... Read Article ››