Kevin Jones 20th Anniversary Interview

On November 15, 2019, Curator Kevin Jones celebrated his 20th year at the FIDM Museum! To mark this milestone, we asked our social media followers what questions they had for Kevin about his career and experiences in the field over the past twenty years. Read... Find Out More ››

Fashion Council Fall Lecture Day

What do you see when you envision a fan? Perhaps gilded sticks, a painted leaf, a sprinkling of palettes? What about a fan made of perfume blotters, a cut-up silk scarf, or leather? World-class artist Sylvain Le Guen pushes the boundaries of traditional fan... Find Out More ››

Intern Report: Koret of California

Today's blog post is written by Donald and Joan Damask Summer Study Grant recipient Kirstin Purtich, who is currently studying fashion and textile conservation at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After completing an MA in decorative arts, design... Find Out More ››

Intern Report: Bonnie Cashin

Today's blog post is written by Nandini Gopalarathinam, recipient of the Santamaura Summer Study Grant. Nandini Gopalarathinam is a fashion professional turned aspiring fashion historian and archivist. After years of working as a visual director for... Find Out More ››

From the Archives: Space Age Style

Currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion reminds us of the noteworthy "futuristic" fashion in our collection. This post from 2014 explores how the fascination with space exploration and the moon landing was... Find Out More ››

From the Archives: Zandra Rhodes

British fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes was born on September 19, 1940! To celebrate, we're sharing a look back at Rhodes' career - make sure to scroll to the end to see pictures from her recent visit to the FIDM Museum!... Find Out More ››

From the Archives: A Look at the ILGWU

In recent years, tragedies in garment factories have made consumers more aware than ever that clothing manufacturing comes at a cost. Campaigns such as "Who Made My Clothes" put on by the activist organization Fashion Revolution asks both... Find Out More ››